Student sharing on LASSI

Student Sharing on LASSI

LASSI has been applied in the College for more than a year and it has been successfully helping a lot students to know more about themselves, inspiring them to make better use of their strength and finding ways to overcome their weaknesses.

Five students would like to share their secrets of being successful in their studies.

Chill~ Few tips to manage anxiety

Student sharing on managing anxiety

Unleash your potentials by believing in yourself

Student sharing on keeping a good learning attitude

Oakley's thinking mode (but in simple words)

Student sharing on focusing in study

The Concept Decomposer

Student sharing on skills of processing information

Get yourself studying!

Student sharing on motivation

Taking the pulse of your study

Student sharing on self testing methods

The Three-sentence Technique

Student sharing on skills of selecting key ideas

Early bird gets the A

Student sharing on time management

Student in the Study-land

Student sharing on test and revision strategy

Academic Resources and Where to find them

Student sharing on effectively using academic resources


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