Faculty of Business

Further Studies Rate 2022

On average, 79% of our associate degree graduates pursue further studies in 2022, of which 91% articulate to publicly-funded and Self-financing degree programmes.


The Faculty of Business aspires to be one of the leading private, non-profit business education providers in Hong Kong with an outstanding reputation for the professionalism of its graduates. The faculty is committed to delivering quality in teaching, learning and some niche areas of research with a strong and connected presence to our local, regional and global communities.

The faculty offers a range of programmes in various fields of business. Programme curricula are designed to provide students with the essential principles, concepts and methods of applications in their chosen area of study. Harnessing its strengths, expertise and experience in successfully running sub-degree programmes over the years, the faculty has launched a series of locally-accredited undergraduate programmes to provide our associate degree graduates an option for furthering their studies at degree level.  In addition to associate degree programmes, the faculty also delivers a one-year Diploma in General Studies programme to prepare students for articulating to associate degree programmes.

Message from the Dean

I welcome you to visit our website to know more about our faculty. Recently, the world has witnessed a series of changes that influence greatly our way of conducting business. The rapid advance of new technologies, the drastic landscape changes in geopolitics, and the serious concern about globalization make the conventional business theories much less relevant than a decade ago.  Nowadays business education must constantly adapt to consider how these events affect our ways of doing business.  And this is what we always try to remember in our teaching. 

One thing we are proud of is our teaching staff. All of them are totally committed to their students, wholly passionate about their works, and highly professional in their teaching. Their belief in the power of education is deep. They would not easily give up anyone of their students.

Currently, we have 3 degree, 5 associate degree (AD) and 1 diploma programmes.  Since 2015, our College has become part of the University of Wollongong, Australia.  Our academic programmes are kept up-to-date by constant review with participation from the business sector.  Our experienced staff fully understand how to prepare the students for completing the four years of university education.  Our degree programmes are particularly well-suited for students who aspire to be entrepreneurial, creative, and skillful in leadership.  Our teaching is supplemented with overseas and local visits, internships, and university exchanges to enrich the learning exchange of our students.  Seminars, career talks, competitions are often held to promote whole-personal development and knowledge base of our students.

You are welcome to learn more about the people, programmes, activities, and opportunities we offer and why our students enjoy learning and studying here. We look forward to meeting you soon.


Professor CHAN, Paul Hing Lin

Acting Dean
Faculty of Business