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Further Studies Rate 2020

On average, 85% of our associate degree graduates pursue further studies in 2020, of which 86.5% articulate to Bachelor programmes offered by local institutions, including non-government-funded.


The Faculty of Business aspires to be one of the leading private, non-profit business education providers in Hong Kong with an outstanding reputation for the professionalism of its graduates. The faculty is committed to delivering quality in teaching, learning and some niche areas of research with a strong and connected presence to our local, regional and global communities.

The faculty offers a range of programmes in various fields of business. Programme curricula are designed to provide students with the essential principles, concepts and methods of applications in their chosen area of study. Harnessing its strengths, expertise and experience in successfully running sub-degree programmes over the years, the faculty has launched a series of locally-accredited undergraduate programmes to provide our associate degree graduates an option for furthering their studies at degree level.  In addition to associate degree programmes, the faculty also delivers a one-year Diploma in General Studies programme to prepare students for articulating to associate degree programmes.

Message from the Dean

Welcome to the Faculty of Business of UOW College Hong Kong.  We offer a number of quality and popular Associate Degree programmes in various Business fields, namely Accountancy, Financial Services, General Management, Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Human Resources Management, International Business Management and Marketing.  In addition, we have two Bachelor Honours Degree programmes: Bachelor of Accounting (Honours) and Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Finance.  All these programmes target at sectors where constant demands for manpower exist in Hong Kong and the Mainland. 

Together with the one-year Diploma in General Studies, all our programmes are led and taught by a team of dedicated, resourceful and experienced academic staff who have always kept in mind the success of our students. The Faculty is well linked with relevant professional bodies and the business communities which recognise the academic quality and professional standard of our programmes. Our Associate Degree programmes prepare students for articulation to senior years of undergraduate programmes.  Similarly, our Bachelor Degree programmes nurture a generation of young talent to further their studies at master degree programmes.  At the same time, all our programmes are equipping them for employment at the junior managerial level as well.

While each of our Associate Degree in Business Administration programmes and business Bachelor Honours Degree programmes focuses on a specific area of study, all programmes include significant components on generic skills and general education, and share the same emphasis on whole-person development.  Sponsorships for overseas study tours and summer programmes, local field activities, internships, scholarships and various awards are available to students through the College.  Along with building knowledge and skills, students will develop confidence, character, and soft skills that will last for their whole life.

Each year the majority of our Associate Degree graduates seeking further education gain entry to degree programmes offered by local government-funded and overseas universities, and self-funded universities and tertiary institutions. Those graduates seeking a career earn salaries at a level comparable to that of fresh bachelor degree holders.

This website furnishes the details on programmes, curricula, and student activities which help you decide on a programme that best suits your interests.  To all prospective students, I wish you a rich learning experience and am confident that your best talents will be engaged and further developed as you join our student community.


Professor CHAN, Raymond Siu-yeung

Faculty of Business

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