Faculty of Social Sciences

The Faculty of Social Sciences aspires to produce graduates who possess a social science perspective, communication skills, analytic and problem-solving abilities, global vision, cultural sensitivity and competence for lifelong learning.

Our programmes develop students’ generic competence as well as specialist knowledge and skills required for further study in a discipline. Apart from the core courses of the discipline, students take general education courses in English language, Arts and Humanities, Society and Organisations, and Science and Technology.

The Faculty of Social Sciences has about 25 well-qualified, full-time faculty members. We place dual emphasis on formal curriculum and out-of-classroom activities and adopt a student-oriented teaching and learning approach.

More than 72 per cent of our 2020 graduates were admitted to local and overseas degree programmes; 51% of those pursuing further studies were articulated to UGC-funded degree programmes. Other graduates took up employment in various sectors, including social work and social services, education, public and non-government organisations, customer service and public relations at frontline management or para-professional level.

Message from the Dean

Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS). I hope you will enjoy finding out more about who we are and what we can offer.

The social sciences offer a perspective on the study of society and how people behave, interact and influence the world around us. Our faculty is an excellent place to study social sciences. Our programmes in social sciences open the door to a wide range of opportunities! Currently, we are offering one Bachelor, nine Associate Degree, and one Higher Diploma programmes which help you lay the foundations to a diverse range of areas and disciplines.  Our programmes offer studies in psychology, guidance and counselling, sociology, public policy and administration, social work, international studies, public relations and advertising, travel and tourism management, convention and event management, legal studies, and urban studies. 

We have 25 full-time teachers and 2 Professors of Practice, who are all well-qualified and committed to providing high-quality education. They enjoy helping students learn, develop and achieve.  Most students find their learning experience here rewarding and enlightening.  In addition to classroom learning, they also develop as a person by participating in various kinds of out-of-classroom activities.

Since 2012/13, the Faculty has operated a Study Abroad Scheme which enables outstanding students to take courses for one semester or over the summer in renowned universities in Australia, the US, the UK and Taiwan. Those who successfully complete the courses will have the credits recognized and transferred to their programme.

Underpinning all of our work is our mission to produce graduates armed with a social sciences perspective, good communication skills, analytic and problem-solving abilities, a global vision, cultural sensitivity and a competence for lifelong learning.

Our students' development does not stop there. Our graduates in recent years have been successfully admitted to degree programmes offered by various local and overseas universities. In 2020, about 51% of our graduates who chose further studies (about 240) were admitted to publicly funded institutions, while those who chose to enter the workplace directly earned an average of monthly salary of $18,753. 

I invite you to discover the people, programmes, activities and opportunities we offer and why we enjoy studying and working here. We look forward to your support and meeting you!


Professor  Geoffrey Hathaway BLOWERS

Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty Orientation 2020

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