Diploma in General Studies

The Diploma in General Studies provides secondary school leavers a year of breathing space to decide what to do next and provides a stepping stone for students who want to pursue studies at the tertiary level. This programme covers a wide range of areas including business, language, social science, and technology, which allows students to try different new areas, pursue an interest and develop a range of practical skills and knowledge of different subjects. The programme also provides students with articulation pathways to Associate Degree or Higher Diploma programmes. It can be the first step in bringing students towards success.









Tai Wai





1 year



33 CPS 









Admission, entry requirements and fees

Application Form and Required Documents

Fill in the application form. The following documents should be submitted together with the completed application form:

  • Photocopies of relevant certificates and transcripts
  • Photocopy of HKID card or passport

Submission of Application 

Applications for admission may be submitted through one of the following methods: 


Applicants can submit their applications through our online application platform.

(b)By Post

Completed application forms together with relevant documents should be sent by post to UOW College Hong Kong, 1/F, 18 Che Kung Miu Road, Tai Wai, New Territories, Hong Kong.

(c)In person

Completed application forms together with relevant documents can be submitted to Tai Wai General Office during office hours.

Walk-In Application Days

Completed application forms may also be submitted during walk-in application days (Please check our website for details).


No programme specific entry requirement.  Please refer to General entry requirements


Application Fee


Application fee is payable when applicants are invited for interviews.  Application fee can be paid by the following methods:
  1. By direct deposit at any branch of the Hang Seng Bank or ATM transfer (Bank Code: 024) (A/C number: 359-300001-004)
  2. OR
  3. By Octopus Card at the College Office

Tuition Fee

All students are required to complete 11 courses (3 cps each) in TWO semesters (one academic year or maximum two years) to be awarded the Diploma in General Studies. Total tuition fees are $41,250.

Other Fee

A Graduation Fee of $400 will be charged upon enrolment in a programme.

Financial Assistance

Students enrolled in the Diploma in General Studies programme are eligible to apply for the Extended Non-Means Tested Loan Scheme (ENLS).  Successful applicants are eligible to apply for Government’s Extended Non-Means Tested Loan Scheme (ENLS) administered by the Student Finance Office of Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency (WFSFAA). The maximum financial assistance under the ENLS is equivalent to the total tuition fees payable for the programme.

Enquiries: 2150 6223

ENLS Website: https://www.wfsfaa.gov.hk/sfo/en/postsecondary/enls/overview.htm

Programme outcomes and structure

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes (PILOs) are statements of learning achievement that are expressed in terms of what the learner is expected to know, understand and be able to do upon completion of a course. Students graduating from this programme will be able to:

1. Demonstrate a mastery of the fundamental knowledge and skills in a broad range of disciplines required for further studies at relevant sub-degree programmes;
2. Communicate effectively in English and Chinese, both written and oral, using appropriate structure and style;
3. Apply a range of information technology, numeracy and quantitative skills in processing and collating data and information;
4. Apply appropriate presentation and communication skills for academic purpose or at the workplace; and
5. Work in teams, accept individual responsibilities and respect diversity.


To qualify for this award, a candidate shall accrue an aggregate of at least 33 credit points (cps) by satisfactory completion of the following core courses.

Course CodeCourse Name
10 Core Courses (30cps)
DIGS001 Effective English I
DIGS002 Effective English II
DIGS003 Effective English III
DIGS011 * Foundation Chinese I
DIGS012 * Foundation Chinese II
DIGS033 Mathematics & Statistics for Daily Life
DIGS035 Quantitative Methods
DIGS041 Basic IT Skills
DIGS051 Analytical Thinking and Study Skills
DIGS053 Intra- and Interpersonal Skills
1 Elective Course (3cps)

Select any one:



Practical Psychology for Everyday Life
Food and Health

Hong Kong Economy
Elementary Japanese

* Non Chinese literate students can take two additional elective courses in lieu of these courses. 

Graduates of the Diploma in General Studies programme are eligible for admission to the Associate Degree programmes (except Associate of Social Science in Social Work) offered by the College.

The College’s Associate Degree graduates can then articulate into the senior year of bachelor’s degree programmes with UOW College Hong Kong or University of Wollongong, as well as other local and international universities. This international outreach enables our graduates to enter many bachelor’s degree programmes with advanced standing, thus reducing the time they need to complete the programmes. 

 Articulation pathways for DipGS


For any enquiry about the Diploma in General Studies, please contact programme leader Dr. Mosquito Leung.

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