Learning strategy and methods

Research has suggested that students' academic performance is related to how well they know a number of skills and strategies for effective learning. A collection of some useful advice on how to improve these skills is provided here for students' easy reference.

Student Cognition Toolbox

Learning can be a strategic process, studying and learning in the ways that fit you will not only allow you to understand knowledge better, but also save up a decent amount of time. This online course is offered to you by the Open Learning Initiative, Carnegie Mellon University

Learning to Learn Online

It is undeniable the era of learning online had been arrived, there are a lot of tools and resources on the internet and it is cruical to utitlize them in the most effective way. This online course offered by the Open Leanring Initiative of Carnegie Mellon University 

The learning resources below are extracted from University of Wollongong, Learning Co-Op website.

Daily English Learning

English is crucial in your College studies, no matter which field are you in, this language will always be there waiting for you. Hence, good English ability is essential for you to archieve academic goals. The College has a rich English database for you to practice English outside classrooms and please check the Daily English Learning page for more resources

Online Workshop on Motivation


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