Learning And Studying Strategies Inventory

Research has found that students’ performance in their studies is related to their ability to make use of effective learning dimensions and strategies. On this assumption, Claire Ellen Weinstein, Ph.D., Ann C. Schulte, Ph.D., and David R. Palmer, Ph.D at the University of Texas, USA developed the LASSI questionnaire - a diagnostic tool for revealing how well students have mastered 10 essential dimensions for effective learning. These ten dimensions are summarized with detailed elaborations provided in the website of the Ohio State University. 

The College would like to early identify students' learning and study strategies as listed in LASSI and design intervention activities to facilitate students' improvement in these areas, especially fir students with comparatively low admission scores.

The College has subscribed to the LASSI questionnaire licence for the benefit of our students. Before you take the questionnaire, please watch an instruction video given by our Student Ambassador Veronica Wong Tsz Ching. You are advised to open this instruction video in a separate window on the screen side by side with the LASSI questionnaire while you are answering the questions.

Mentors had been invited to make short videos on the ten LASSI attributes, they shared skills on how to excel in that attrbutes and how can these skills improve students’ performances. 

LASSI AttributeVideo
Anxiety Chill~ Few tips to manage anxiety
Attitude Unleash your potentials by believing in yourself
Concentration Oakley's thinking mode (but in simple words)
Information processing The Concept Decomposer
Motivation Get yourself studying!
Self testing Taking the pulse of your study
Select main ideas The Three-sentence Technique
Time management Early bird gets the A
Test and study strategy Student in the Study-land


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