Supportive information for LASSI attributes achievements

The College has subscribed to the LASSI questionnaire for the benefit of students. All AD Year I new students in the College are invited to complete the questionnaire in the semester. On the basis of students’ replies to the LASSI questionnaire, the College will be able to develop a general profile of the strengths and weaknesses of AD Year I students in the College. This useful information will enable the College to develop training videos and workshops for improvement of students’ learning skills.  

LASSI video series

LASSI consists of ten different attributes, and each of them illustrate a unique aspect of students' learning.

Selected attributes will be further illustrated by videos to enhace student understanding of the attributes and to provide suggestions to student to do better on it. Other attributes will be illustrated by workshops, posters and pamphlets.

The resrouces are produced mainly by UOW College Hong Kong staff, alumni and students.

Motivation - Parallax Effect

Attitude - P.A.T.H.

Time Management - Coming soon


When it comes to your success, what are you motivated by?

This is a story about choices and how they affect our lives.

Set sail on your PATH to academic success!

(P)ositive attitude, (A)sk actively, (T)rust yourself, (H)ardworking


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