Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Japanese Studies

The programme will not only provide students with a broad-based knowledge on Japanese language and culture, but also equip students with career-oriented ability and potential development. Courses on Japanese economy, business culture and tourism and hospitality will surely enhance graduates’ employability in workplaces where strong Japanese language ability and business knowledge related to Japan are needed. Students will also be given many opportunities to join cultural exchange activities with Japanese students, Japan study tours, summer internships and Japan-related cultural and language learning enhancement activities. Graduates will acquire in-depth knowledge and academic skills to further their studies at relevant higher degrees upon graduation.

Graduates of the Programme are expected to be able to take up employment for jobs in administration and management, customer service, sales and translation in sectors including banking, insurance, trading and business, tourism and travel, hospitality, transport and logistics, consumer products and retail, publishing/media work and airline services. Graduates of the Programme are expected to be eligible for research-based postgraduate degrees, offered at either local or overseas universities, in disciplines related to Japanese Studies, Literary and Cultural Studies, Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Cultural Management, Visual and Cultural Studies, Asian and International Studies, Development Studies, International Studies, Modern Asian Studies, and International Affairs.



Arts and Humanities






Tai Wai





4 years or 

2 years (Snr  yr entry)



120 CPS (4 yrs)

60 CPS (2 yrs) 



Bachelor Degree





Admission, entry requirements, fees

For admission to bachelor’s degree programmes, applicants must meet the following requirements: 

Year 1 Entry

  Core Subjects Elective Subject(s)
HKDSE Subjects Chinese Language English Language Mathematics Compulsory Part *Citizenship and Social Development Any 1 Elective
Level Requirement 3 3 2 Attained 2
  • * Applicants with previous HKDSE subject result of A040 ‘Liberal Studies’ will be used as the alternative of the core subject requirement of A045 ‘Citizenship and Social Development’.
  • HKDSE Category B subjects (Applied Learning) with attainment at “Attained” or above will be considered as elective subjects.
  • Category C subjects (Other Language Subjects) including French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Spanish and Urdu: Grade E or above;


  • Obtained passes in AS Use of English and AS Chinese Language and Culture plus one AL subject / two AS subjects in HKALE, and passes in five subjects in HKCEE including Chinese Language and English Language; OR
  • Obtained equivalent qualifications.


For non-Chinese speaking applicants who 

  • have learnt Chinese Language for less than six years while receiving primary and secondary education; OR
  • have learnt Chinese Language for six years or more in schools, but have been taught an adapted and simpler Chinese Language curriculum not normally applicable to the majority of students in the local schools, the following language qualifications can be accepted as alternative qualifications in Chinese language

- “Attained” in Applied Learning Chinese (for non-Chinese Speaking students) ApL(C)
- Grade E in GCE (A/AS Level)
- Grade C in GCE (O-Level)
- Grade C / Grade 4 in GCSE / IGCSE


Mature Applicants

  • Mature applicants must be over the age of 25 by 1 September of the year of admission and be able to demonstrate aptitude and suitability for the programme applied for.


Application Fee


Application fee is payable when applicants are invited for interviews.  Application fee can be paid by the following methods:
  1. By direct deposit at any branch of the Hang Seng Bank or ATM transfer (Bank Code: 024) (A/C number: 359-300001-004)
  2. OR
  3. By Octopus Card at the College Office

Tuition Fee:

  • Year 1 and 2 Tuition Fee: HK$70,200 per year
  • Year 3 and 4 Tuition Fee: HK$76,200 per year

*Our bachelor degree programmes are included under the Non-means-tested Subsidy Scheme for Self-financing Undergraduate Studies in Hong Kong (NMTSS). Eligible students can obtain an annual subsidy up to HK$34,390 in the 2024/25 academic year.  The annual subsidy may be adjusted each academic year by the Education Bureau.  Please visit for details. 

Our Bachelor of Aviation (Honours) in Operations and Management and Bachelor of Maritime Services and Operations Management (Honours) are covered by the Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions/Sectors (SSSDP) with an annual subsidy up to HK$45,810 per student for 2024/25 cohort. More information please visit

Other Fees:

A Graduation Fee of $400 will be charged upon enrolment in a programme.

# The estimated composite tuition/programme fees listed above are for reference only. Tuition fees are charged according to the number of course credits taken by a student with variation. A student will normally take 30 credits in an academic year.

Financial Assistance

Students enrolled in self-financing Bachelor/Associate Degree /Higher Diploma programmes are eligible to apply for financial assistance from the following sources:

  • Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-Secondary Students (FASP)

Provides means-tested financial assistance to needy full-time students pursuing locally-accredited, self-financing post-secondary education programmes at the level of associate degree, higher diploma or degree. The scheme aims to provide financial assistance to needy students so that no eligible students will be denied access to post-secondary education because of lack of means.

Enquiries: 2152 9000

  •  Non-means Tested Loan Scheme for Post-Secondary Students (NLSPS)

The NLSPS is used to complement the Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-secondary Students (FASP) to provide loan(s) to eligible students to settle tuition fees of locally-accredited, self-financing full-time post-secondary education programmes at the level of associate degree, higher diploma or degree

Enquiries:        2150 6222

  • HKICPA New QP Examination Sponsorship 2021 for students enrolled in Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) programme

This sponsorship aims to support the graduates from Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) programme (BACC) who have enrolled in the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ (HKICPA) New Qualification Programme, a pre-requisite for HKICPA’s full membership, and successfully complete modules of the programme.  Regulations for the sponsorship are as follows:

  1. The sponsorship will be offered to 2021 BACC graduates who complete the reimbursement process before 30th December 2026.
  2. BACC graduates after successfully completing the HKICPA’s New Qualification Programme will be sponsored HK$9,700.
  3. BACC students should complete the HKICPA Application Form and submit their applications on or before 30th December 2021 with a proof of enrollment in the HKICPA’s New Qualification Programme. Late applications will not be considered.
  4. Successful applicants will be informed via email by the end of January 2022.


Programme structure and outcomes

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes are statements of learning achievement that are expressed in terms of what the learner is expected to know, understand and be able to do upon completion of a course. Students graduating from this programme will be able to:

1. Communicate in spoken and written Japanese at a high level of competence in professional, academic and employment-related contexts;
2. Critically analyse and evaluate social, cultural and economic issues in contemporary Japan;
3. Deploy business knowledge and Japanese language skills to perform various tasks confidently and effectively in business sectors;
4. Demonstrate skills and sensitivity in cross-cultural communication in everyday, academic and professional contexts;
5. Apply innovative thinking, appropriate analytical, evaluative, problem-solving and IT skills, and multi-disciplinary knowledge to conduct relevant academic as well as workplace research;
6. Develop a sense of ethical standard, responsible citizenship and respect for diversity in their daily life.

Japanese Language courses

  • Business Japanese
  • Introduction to the Structure of Japanese Language
  • Integrated Japanese
  • Japanese-Chinese Translation
  • Japanese-English Translation
  • Japanese Listening and Oral Skills
  • Japanese Reading and Writing
  • Japanese for Tourism and Hospitality

 Japanese Culture courses

  • Issues in Contemporary Japanese Society
  • Japanese Corporations in Hong Kong
  • Japanese Culture
  • Japanese Economy
  • Japanese Media and Popular Culture

All students studying a normative 4-year self-financing degree programme of the College can take a structured group of courses required for a minor as their free electives, and upon satisfactory completion of the courses, may declare the minor.  For details please click Minors in degree programmes.

To qualify for this award, a candidate shall accrue an aggregate of at least 120 credit points, or 60 credit points for 2 year senior entry, by satisfactory completion of the following programme requirements:

Degree requirements4 year CPs2 year senior entry CPs
General Education 36 15
Programme Core 57 36
Free Electives 27 9
Minimum credits 120 60

Programme Core

Course CodeCourse Name
JAP1101 Introduction to the Structure of Japanese Language
JAP1102 Integrated Japanese 1
JAP1103 Japanese Listening and Oral Skills 1
JAP2101 Integrated Japanese 2
JAP2102 Japanese Reading and Writing 1
JAP2103 Integrated Japanese 3
JAP2104 Japanese Listening and Oral Skills 2
JAP3101* Japanese Reading and Writing 2

Japanese for Tourism and Hospitality

JAP3201* Japanese Economy
JAP3202* Japanese Culture


Business Japanese

JAP4102* Japanese-Chinese Translation

Japanese Media and Popular Culture

JAP4104* Japanese-English Translation
JAP4201* Issues in Contemporary Japanese Society
JAP4202* Japanese Corporations in Hong Kong
JAP4301* Research Methods
JAP4302* Dissertation
* for two year senior entry only

Programme Features

  • This programme is locally accredited by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ). Graduates from Associate Degree or Higher Diploma Programme in related disciplines may apply for direct admission to year three studies of the programme.
  • Other than the major in Japanese studies, students may choose to do a minor in Chinese, Chinese history or social innovation on voluntary basis. They may choose to take elective courses in various disciplines instead of doing a minor.


  • Administration and management
  • Commerce
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Interpretation and Translation
  • Education

Below is not exhaustive but only aims to show some examples.

City University of Hong Kong

Master of Arts in International Studies

Master of Arts in Language Studies

Master of Social Sciences in Development Studies

Lingnan University

Master of Arts in Cultural Studies

Master of Arts in International Affairs

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Master of Arts in Anthropology

Master of Arts in Cultural Management

Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies

Master of Arts in Japanese Studies

The University of Hong Kong

Master of Arts in Japanese Studies

Master of Arts in Literary and Cultural Studies

Please click "Graduate Profile and Employment Pathway" of the programme for details.

Any enquiry relating to the BAJS programme should be directed to the Programme Leader, Dr Hitoshi Murakami.

Ms CHAN Yin Tung

Graduate of  Associate of Arts in Japanese Studies in 2019

Graduate of Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Japanese Studies in 2021

Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship (Japanese Studies Students), Osaka University  in 2022

Master of Arts in Japanese Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong  in 2024

Hello, I graduated from the Bachelor of Arts in Japanese Studies (BAJS) programme in 2021, the first cohort of graduates from the programme. Looking back, our experiences were quite unique. The pandemic disrupted all plans and led to the cancellation of both on-campus and off-campus activities, including Japanese dubbing contests, karaoke events, and summer study tours, which were the sources of joy during our free time. Nevertheless, teachers of the programme often facilitated us to interact with Japanese students, and acting as the tour guide for Japanese high school students on tours in Hong Kong is the most unforgettable experience. Teachers also generously offered us advice on academic and further studies. Their recommendations helped me secure scholarships from the Hong Kong and Japanese governments for studying Japanese and Japanese culture at Osaka University for a year. This experience broadened my horizons and allowed me to make friends from around the world. Upon returning to Hong Kong, I enrolled in the Master's programme in Japanese Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong to continue my studies. I firmly believe that the Japanese Studies programmes offered by the UOW College Hong Kong deepened our understanding of Japan.

This programme is accredited by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications.

QR Level: 5

 QR Registration No.: 19/000923/L5

 QR Reg. Validity Period: 01/09/2019-31/08/2024

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