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Two service providers contribute Student Services for the College students:

  • UOWCHK has its own Student Personal Development and Counselling Services Centre (The Student Centre). The main function of The Student Centre is to provide a range of quality services and care to students including student leadership development, career advisory and training, cultural activities and community services opportunities.

  • The faculties provide a wide range of support for the specific needs of their students and programmes of study. This includes study tours, exchange programmes, internships, site visits, seminars, and social activities such as sports competitions and BBQs. The faculties also organize cross-faculty activities so that students from one subject domain get a chance to meet the students from the others.

Upon admission into a study programme at the College, a new student is assigned to multiple channels of care. The primary pastoral care and guidance are provided by the home faculty through orientation programmes, the Year Tutor system, and the Student Mentorship Scheme. Apart from the Year Tutors, a number of academic staff members are specifically appointed to act as formal channels of care, including Programme Leaders and Faculty Student Affairs Coordinators.

In addition to the Director of Student Services, each faculty has its own Student Affairs Coordinator to represent the students of their respective faculties. Currently, the College staff members holding these positions are:

Director of Student Services

Mr. Toby Butt



Student Affairs Coordinators

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Dr. Mandy CHAN


Faculty of Business

Mr. Jay TO


Faculty of Science and Technology

Mr. CW Poon


Faculty of Social Science

Mr Vincent Li



A Guide to Student Services 2023-24

The Student Counselling Services and Personal Development Centre (The Student Centre) provides effective personal development and counselling services, and mental health awareness education to students of the College. In particular, our Centre organizes a wide range of activities and programmes in relation to personal development and mental health education for students with different academic and cultural backgrounds.


A Guide to Student Services


For further information, please go to The Student Centre.

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