About us

Welcome to UOWCHK Library

UOWCHK library holds an important position for knowledge preservation and knowledge dissemination. Library services are not only for physical collections but also for the building up of an integrated learning environment. UOW College Hong Kong (“UOWCHK”) values these qualities. 

The Library holdings extend over a broad spectrum of academic fields as diverse as Accounting, Business Management, Marketing, Aviation Sciences, Computer Sciences, Social Sciences, Language and Literature as well as General Education. The Library collections feature materials in a variety of formats such as print books, e-books, print journals, e-journals, CDs, and DVDs, thereby providing essential support for all academic programmes offered in the College.

At present, the library houses more than 20,000 printed items. The Library also provides a wide range of online resources from a shared catalogue with UOW Library includes online databases, full-text e-journal titles, and e-books. Users may access the electronic resources anytime, anywhere.

Besides the physical collections, we also provide different facilities to support learning and teaching, including Self Learning Desk, Computer zone, Printing Station, Project Rooms and Learning Commons. It provides a seating capacity of over 200 in a variety of user areas that meet users' needs of self-study, group study and discussion, self-learning, collaborative learning, and leisure reading.

The Learning Commons is a large learning space with a Wi-Fi internet network system. Students will be able to search electronic information resources for e-learning purposes. There are different components of furniture to satisfy different types of learning preferences. It is a place of learning and sharing for students and teaching staff.