Practice sharing

Sharing Good Practices by iBL pioneers: Enabling student interactions through synchronous and asynchronous activities in iBL


Dr Paula Hodgson



Dr Pavandeep AHUJA;

Ms Judy KIU;

Dr Mosquito LEUNG; &

Maria Jose Pareja LOPEZ.



The key dimension in designing iBL in the College is to have multiple opportunities for learners to be engaged intellectually in disciplinary concepts and peer to peer interactions. In this workshop, iBL pioneers will walk us through their teaching practices on how students can be led to involve ACTIVELY in different learning environments. You will gain practical tips on how to design interactive learning activities and scaffold student intellectual inputs. The foci of the iBL pioneers’ sharing are listed below:


Synchronous activities:

  1. Enabling interactivity through socrative approach in class by Dr Pavandeep Ahuja
  2. Extending student interactions: from within a course to a MOOC by Ms Judy Kiu


Asynchronous activities:

  1. Deepening understanding while watching videos: Using H5P to create interactive videos and its implementation in Moodle by Ms Maria Jose Pareja Lopez
  2. Advocating collaborative peer interactions in after-class activities by Dr Mosquito Leung


If you are looking for the details of the sharing, please contact us via the platform email, we will direct you to the pioneers that you are looking for.