Message from the Dean

Message from the Dean

A very warm welcome to the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

An important role of arts and humanities in higher education is to cultivate in students an awareness of their own existence as human beings in the universe and as members of the human society, to tap and help realise their potential, and above all, to empower them to live an examined and fulfilled life. This is indeed a tall order, but we as educators should never lose sight of that goal, as it is what gives true meaning to what we teach and what students learn. While not offering many traditional disciplines in arts and humanities, we equip our students with the all-important key to human understanding, communication, and creativity, namely, language.

Currently we offer two degree programmes, one top-up degree programme and three associate degree programmes. The associate degree programmes are designed to develop students' linguistic ability for public and cross-cultural communication. We plan to launch more degree programmes in other disciplines in future to keep pace with the development of the College.

We have full-time academic staff from Canada, China, Japan, Korea, UK, and the USA, who make up a genuinely multinational and multicultural team of dedicated teachers well qualified in their respective fields of expertise, and who work together as trusted partners on changes that matter to students and to the world around us.

It is my great honour and privilege to be the first Dean of the Faculty at this pivotal stage of the College's development into a leading private university committed to providing a quality education for young people who aspire to excel in their chosen path of life. It is, therefore, my responsibility to help realise that vision. I have inherited an enviable legacy from our former Division of Languages and Communication: a wide range of popular and useful programmes of study, an efficient team of attentive, caring and helpful supporting staff, and above all, a strong team of competent, devoted, and knowledgeable academic colleagues. Building on our existing strengths, working together with everybody in the Faculty and in the College, as well as drawing on the experience, expertise and strong support from our parent institution, I have every confidence that our Faculty will become a most convivial and fruitful place for learning and research.

Professor SIN King Kui
Faculty of Arts and Humanities