UOW College Hong Kong (UOWCHK) was established by University of Wollongong (UOW), a world's top 162 University. We maintain an unwavering commitment to delivering top quality education and services that not only nurture the intellect, but also foster personal discovery and growth. We empower our students with rigorous curriculum design and early career exposure to relevant industries, and enhance their experience through study tours and local activities. At UOW College Hong Kong, we produce career-ready graduates and have a strong focus on articulation pathways and student progression. Our connections with the professional community, internship programs and highly qualified staff create an empowering environment for our students to acquire up-to-date business knowledge, build professional traits and develop their abilities to handle workplace challenges in the future.

Why study with us?

All academic programmes at our College have been designed with articulation opportunities and career prospects in mind.

At the degree level, the programmes in Japanese and Chinese languages implant linguistic and digital skills that are sought after in relevant job markets, while the finance, banking and marketing programmes produce graduates who can take up starting positions in private corporations and the public sector with roles in finance, investment, trust, retail and wholesale, etc.  In addition, the Maritime programme produces graduates to support the development of logistics and transport development in Hong Kong.

Graduates of the Bachelor of Aviation in Operation and Management will be competent for aviation related jobs in airlines, air freight, business aviation, aviation security management, or aircraft maintenance services logistics, etc.  For graduates of the Artificial Intelligence programme, they would be equipped for work as software AI engineers, algorithm engineers and data scientists, etc.  Completion of the degrees would enable graduates to seek even higher qualifications to further their careers. The College also produces graduates from Smart City Technology programme to match with Hong Kong Government’s aim to strive to build Hong Kong into a world class smart city.

Our Associate Degrees are designed to help graduates to continue studies at undergraduate level at the universities.   Graduates from our Higher Diplomas enjoy almost equal access to these further study opportunities.  Sub-degree graduates have promising prospects in articulating to universities through multiple pathways, including local UGC-funded degree programmes.

Surveys in recent years consistently showed that nearly 78% of AD graduates went on to further studies in degree programmes while 13% decided to join the job market.  Among those AD graduates who chose to pursue further studies, about 95% gained entry to publicly-funded and self-financing degree programmes. Among those who sought employment, they took an average of two months to get jobs with an average monthly salary of about HK$19,000.

The foundation level Diploma in General Studies has turned out more than 1,500 graduates since 2015.   For those who choose to pursue further studies, the great majority (more than 80%) were successfully admitted to associate degree programmes in our College.

To cope with market demand, the College also launched the Diploma of Applied Education (DAE) this year to fill Hong Kong's talent gap and expand its talent pool. After completion of DAE, students can articulate to our many sub-degree programmes. 

UOWCHK receives the full support of UOW in its educational resources and commitment to developing an enhanced student experience via student mobility and global exposure opportunities.

Our students have been able to win scholarships and awards from the Government and other external organizations on their own merits.  Apart from the Government and donor organizations, the College has made available numerous awards and scholarships to reward students who have excelled in academic and non-academic areas.  In recent years, our students have been awarded scholarships of up to $2.2 million annually. 

The College has a long tradition in the provision of sub-degree programmes since 1984. Our team of well- qualified and devoted teaching staff, all of whom hold postgraduate qualifications, with around 48% holding doctorate degrees. Students can develop cultural sensitivity, English proficiency and international perspectives through their day-to-day interaction with academic staff of different nationalities and culture.

Apart from interactive teaching and learning in the classroom, our teaching staff organize and lead students in co-curricular activities, field trips and study tours.

The College maintains close links with industries to enable students to learn the fundamental skills necessary for success in the real world.  Each year more than 300  students engaged in internships, special projects, fieldwork and site visits.

UOW College Hong Kong is part of the University of Wollongong (UOW) Global Network which has campuses in different overseas destinations. Our students can undertake study tours and exchanges to the other campuses in Australia, Dubai and Malaysia.  To maximize students’ learning opportunities beyond Hong Kong, and conditions allowing, the College runs a Study Abroad Scheme and organizes regular Overseas Study Tours to various overseas countries.

These activities covered community services, cultural awareness, language training, skill training, and teacher-student gatherings.  Each year the College sponsors numerous local co-curricular activities which enrich the learning experiences of our students.

The College has a strong focus on English and other foreign languages and provides sponsorship to those students who have achieved the required level in the internationally recognized language proficiency tests, English Language Testing System (IELTS), Test de Connaissance du Francais (TCF), Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), Korean Language Ability Test (KLAT), National Putonghua Proficiency Test (PSC) and Diploma de Espanol Lengua Extranjera (DELE).

Our students have achieved remarkable results in IELTS in recent years. Together with good CGPAs, they enhance students’ chances of getting admitted into senior year places of UGC-funded institutions.

Professional Bodies

The College has maintained close links with professional bodies shown below. These organizations offer exemptions, membership and/or recognition to our Degree or AD graduates with the relevant specialism(s).

  • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

  • Association of International Accountants

  • CFA Institute

  • Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (Hong Kong)

  • Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in Hong Kong (CILTHK)

  • CPA Australia

  • Hong Kong Designers Association

  • Hong Kong Hotels Association

  • Hong Kong Institute of Bankers

  • Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants

  • Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management

  • Hong Kong Institute of Marketing

  • Hong Kong Institute of Social Impact Analysts

  • Hong Kong Public Relations Professional’s Association

  • Hong Kong Recreation Management Association

  • Hong Kong Statistical Society

  • Hong Kong Logistics Association

  • Human Resources Management Association of Canada

  • Institute of Financial Planners of Hong Kong

  • Marine Department, HKSAR

  • PartnerNet, Hong Kong Tourism Board

  • Physical Fitness Association of Hong Kong, China

  • Social Workers Registration Board

  • The Chartered Institute of Marketing

  • The Institute of Purchasing and Supply of Hong Kong

  • The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS)

Industrial practitioners are often invited to join revalidation panels of academic programmes to ensure that they stay relevant to our community and industry needs. In addition, these practitioners share their expertise through seminars so that students are informed of the latest developments in the industry.


The College takes pride in the development of its research capacity, which will be an important part of its strategic move towards ultimately becoming a university. 

As part of the University of Wollongong’s global network of campuses, UOW College Hong Kong was among those whose staff have been awarded research grants as part of the University’s Global Research Small Grants Scheme and Global Funding Bid Seed Grant Schemes. These Schemes were launched by UOW at its Global Collaborate Conference last year hosted by UOW Global Enterprises (UOWGE) to celebrate research collaborations between its global networks and reflect on the potential for future multi-campus projects. 

The College was successful in the 2023/24 Competitive Research Funding Schemes for the Local Self-financing Degree Sector under the Research Grants Council (RGC).  The results were announced in late 2023 after the completion of assessment of applications by the RGC under the University Grants Committee (UGC) in Hong Kong.  The first one was “A Study of the Corpus included in Samuel Williams’ A Tonic Dictionary of the Chinese Language in the Canton Dialect”, granted HK$795,900, with Dr Abraham Chan of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities being the Principal Investigator.  The other was “Housing preferences of young adults in Hong Kong:  How should shared housing be designed and priced?”, granted HK$618,340, with Professor CHAN Hing-lin of the Faculty of Business as the Principal Investigator.   

Apart from applications to the RGC, UOWCHK also funded 10 applications from academic staff through its Internal Research Grants Scheme which covered a range of projects including economics and finance, language and linguistics, and Hong Kong studies and social work education.