Enhancement courses


The Enhancement Courses are intended to elevate students’ skills in use of English to a higher level when they have consolidated their English language foundations. Students will be taught the use of English for specialized purposes, e.g., English for work and university writing (highly relevant for IELTS preparation), oral assignment presentation skills, interview speaking skills, etc.

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities will announce the enrolment details.


2018-19 Semester B Enhancement Courses

“Better English, Better Grades!” -  Free Supplementary English Enhancement Workshops for CGE2000-3 Students

23 January 2019 CV Writing Workshop
31 January 2019 10 Tips on Writing Personal Statements and Cover Letters
13 February 2019 Speaking/Pronunciation Skills
14 February 2019 Interview Skills for University Degree/Job Applications
21 March 2019 Meetings & Minutes-taking Workshop
27 March 2019 Writing Polite Messages/Emails


Free Summer IELTS Preparatory Course for Year 1 UOWCHK/CCCU Students

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