General education

Why General Education?

Importance of General Education

General Education (GE) is an integral part of your education. Research has shown that most people will have at least 3 different careers in their lifetime. The core disciplines that you focus on may not always be a key part of your future success. GE helps in providing a broad learning in the arts and humanities, science and technology as well as societal and global concerns thus preparing you to think more critically, creatively and analytically to enhance success in your future careers.

Philosophy of General Education

UOWCHK is deeply committed to the notion that GE and discipline area of study are essential aspects of learner’s education and the cornerstone for a successful life.

GE aims to enhance the whole-person development of the learner: it instills higher level thinking skills for a more enriched life, nurtures cultural sensitivity, develops ethical integrity, inspires lifelong learning and promotes intellectual curiosity in order to adapt to the challenges of a rapidly changing world. GE is complementary and value adding in that it integrates ideas across disciplines and situates disciplinary pursuits in a wider perspective.