Associate of Arts in Bilingual Communication Studies (English and Chinese)*

Admission suspended for 2022-23


Our programme aims to develop students into proficient Chinese-English bilinguals (including Putonghua training) and equip them well for both academic and professional pursuits. Our programme curriculum covers comprehensive domain-specific knowledge. Our graduates can further their studies in local or overseas higher institutions on a solid foundation of language and literary studies as well as multicultural immersion. With the global opportunities enabled by the growth of the Pan-Pearl River Delta regions, the Greater Bay Area and the Belt and Road Initiative in particular, our graduates possess the competitive edge in the 21st century to meet local, national and international demands in society and in the job market.



Arts and Humanities






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2 years



63 CPS



Associate Degree  




Admission, entry requirements, fees and key dates

Applications can be submitted by the following methods:

  1. E-APP (for current year HKDSE only) 
  2. Online Application (for applicants with other qualifications)
  3. By Post / In Person (Application Form)

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Programme Specific Entry Requirements

  • No programme specific entrance requirements.

General entry requirements


Application Fee

$150, waived for this year

Tuition Fee

Associate Degree Programmes

HK$1,800 per credit x
63 Credits required for Programme Completion
= HK$113,400

Associate of Social Science in Social Work

HK$2,600 per credit x 38 social work courses credit +
HK$1,800 per credit x 21 general Education credit +
HK$2,500 per credit x 15 fieldwork placement credit
= HK$174,100

Other Fees

A Graduation Fee of $400 will be charged upon enrolment in a programme.

Financial Assistance

Students enrolled in self-financing Bachelor/Associate Degree /Higher Diploma programmes are eligible to apply for financial assistance from the following sources:

  • Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-Secondary Students (FASP)

Provides means-tested financial assistance to needy full-time students pursuing locally-accredited, self-financing post-secondary education programmes at the level of associate degree, higher diploma or degree. The scheme aims to provide financial assistance to needy students so that no eligible students will be denied access to post-secondary education because of lack of means.

Enquiries:       2152 9000

  • Non-means Tested Loan Scheme for Post-Secondary Students (NLSPS)

The NLSPS is used to complement the Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-secondary Students (FASP) to provide loan(s) to eligible students to settle tuition fees of locally-accredited, self-financing full-time post-secondary education programmes at the level of associate degree, higher diploma or degree.

Enquiries:        2150 6222

  •  Continuing Education Fund (CEF)

Some of the AD programmes or course(s) in the AD programmes are included in the list of reimbursable courses for CEF purposes.

The CEF subsidizes students over 18 years of age with learning aspirations to pursue continuing education and training courses. Eligible applicants enrolling on courses after 1 April 2019 will be reimbursed 80% of their fees on the first $10,000 and 60% on the second $10,000, subject to a maximum sum of HK$20,000 (whichever is the less), on successful completion of a reimbursable programme/course(s).

Enquiries:        3142 2277

Semester A - 2020/2021

EventStart DateEnd Date
E-APP applications close (main round)   15 May 2020
E-APP applications close (second round)   30 June 2020
Orientation   28 August 2020
Teaching period

31 August 2020

28 November 2020

Add/Drop date without financial penalty   13 September 2020
Add/Drop date 50% tuition fee payable   10 October 2020
Student revision period

30 November 2020

5 December 2020

Examination period

7 December 2020

19 December 2020

Semester B - 2020/2021

EventState DateEnd Date
Teaching period

11 January 2021

23 April 2021

Add/Drop date without financial penalty   24 January 2021
Add/Drop date 50% tuition fee payable   27 February 2021
Student revision period

26 April 2021

1 May 2021

Examination period

3 May 2021 

15 May 2021

Summer Semester - 2020/2021

EventStart DateEnd Date
Teaching period

7 June 2021

24 July 2021

Student revision period

26 July 2021

31 July 2021

Examination period

2 August 2021

7 August 2021



Programme structure and outcomes

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes are statements of learning achievement that are expressed in terms of what the learner is expected to know, understand and be able to do upon completion of a course. Students graduating from this programme will be able to:

1. Develop in students a level of competence in English and Chinese in reading, writing, speaking and listening for further studies and/or work;
2. Develop their practical communication skills for use in a range of every day, academic, and employment-related contexts;
3. Develop their skills for independent study, research, and lifelong learning;
4. Foster ethical and civic values and a spirit of lifelong learning, and encourage the pursuit of active citizenships.


English Courses

  • Introduction to Language Studies
  • Communicating Across Cultures
  • Contemporary East and West Literature
  • Writing for the Media
  • English for Business Contexts
  • Bilingual Communication in Professional Contexts
  • English and Chinese in Contrast
  • Translation: English and Chinese

Chinese Courses

  • Chinese Language Enhancement
  • Practical Chinese
  • Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature
  • Chinese Creative Writing
  • Chinese for Business Contexts
  • Putonghua

To qualify for this award, a candidate shall accrue an aggregate of at least 63 credit points by satisfactory completion of the following core courses.

Course CodeCourse Name  
Programme Core
LAC12600 Introduction to Language Studies
LAC23703 Communicating across Cultures
LAC24000 Bilingual Project
LAC24204 Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature
LAC24500 Putonghua
LAC24727 Contemporary East and West Literature
LAC12651 English and Chinese in Contrast
LAC12652 Writing for the Media
LAC14200 Chinese Language Enhancement
LAC14205 Chinese Creative Writing
LAC22481 Translation: English and Chinese
LAC22611 English for Business Contexts
LAC22612 Chinese for Business Contexts
LAC22651 Bilingual Communication in Professional Contexts
Language Skills
CGE1000 (1500) English for Academic Studies A or B
CGE2000 English Professional Communication
CGE1200 Practical Chinese
General Education
CGE12412 Appreciation of Western Art
CGE25411 Understanding Society

An additional 2 General Education courses to be chosen as electives. 

At least one course must be chosen from Science and Technology, and one of the courses chosen must be at level A2

General elective courses must be selected from all the following domains:

  • Editor
  • Reporter
  • Copywriter
  • Scriptwriter
  • Secretary
  • Administrative assistant
  • Public relations officer
  • Customer service officer
  • Legislative assistant
  • Teaching assistant

Any enquiry relating to the AABCEC programme should be directed to the Option Leader, Dr CHAN Sze Man.

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