Diploma of Applied Education

What is Diploma of Applied Education

Newly launched in 2022, the Diploma of Applied Education (DAE) is offered by participating institutions under the Federation for Self-financing Tertiary Education (FSTE) to provide trained personnel for the job market in Hong Kong.   Tailored for young people or those already working and developed by notable education professionals, the DAE prepares candidates for further studies or employment and today’s environment, based on the 4 core values of literacies of fundamentals, society, cognition, and integrity. UOW College Hong Kong is pleased to start offering the DAE in the 2023-24 academic year. 

Apart from the mandatory subjects of English, Chinese and Mathematics, students enrolled in DAE may select electives from a wide range of practical subjects such as usage of applied data that suit their needs.  It is an additional pathway towards higher education and whole person development.  Holders of the DAE are deemed to have passed the equivalent of 5 “Level 2” subjects (including Chinese Language and English Language) in the Hong Kong Diploma Secondary Education (HKDSE), enabling them to enter Associate Degree or Higher Diploma programmes and some civil service positions. 

Eligible graduates will receive 30% refund of tuition fee by the Government. They will also be eligible for tuition reimbursement in full or half from the Student Finance Office upon passing the means test.



 Arts and Humanities


Prog. code 




Tai Wai Campus


QF Level


Mode of study

One-year Full-time


Tuition fee



Award type

Diploma of Applied Education



Admission, entrance requirements and fees & financial assistance

Applicants must submit their applications online at www.dae.edu.hk in early December 2022 for the first round.

The Diploma of Applied Education admits Secondary 6 school leavers or adults aged 21 or above.


Application Fee


Tuition Fee


Financial Assistance

Students are eligible to receive reimbursement of 30% of the tuition fee from the government if they have successfully completed one subject (i.e. achieving 80% attendance and obtained a “pass” in overall assessment), Students who passed the means-test of the Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency are eligible for full or half tuition fee reimbursement for successfully completed subjects. Please call 2820 2345 for tuition fee reimbursement.

Other Financial Assistances

Extended Non-Means Tested Loan Scheme (Tel: 2150 6223)

Student Travel Subsidy (Tel: 2802 2345)

Subsidy Scheme for Internet Access Charges (Tel: 2802 2345)

Selected graduates may also be awarded subsidies from the Sir Robert Black Trust Fund. 

Upon successful completion of the programme, students should be able to: 

  1. Demonstrate functional competence in English and Chinese in daily life, study and work settings and communicate information and ideas effectively;

  2.  Apply numerical and information technology skills in authentic situations; 

  3. Identify problems and provide appropriate solutions from multiple perspectives; 

  4. Engage in effective interpersonal communication in daily life, study and work settings; 

  5. Apply knowledge and skills in a specialized field to familiar and sometimes unfamiliar situations; 

  6. Pursue their academic and career aspirations actively and display positive attitudes towards work and learning; and 

  7. Recognize the importance of perseverance, integrity, being trustworthy and responsible in study and work settings.

The curriculum provides a foundation to prepare students for further study at tertiary level.  It comprises core subjects of Chinese, English and Mathematics and two supplementary courses which are selected from Digital Citizenship, Technological Innovation Skills, Interpersonal Communication and Personal Development and Maths Plus*. Students also need to select electives from the following clusters which include: 

*Upon successful completion of Maths Plus, holders of the DAE are deemed to have passed the equivalent of 5 “Level 2” subjects (including Chinese Language, English Language and Mathematics) in the HKDSE.

Elective Clusters (Each Elective Cluster contains 3 subjects)


Elective Cluster 

Course Content (Chinese only)

Arts and Languages

Basic Heritage Management



Japanese Language and Culture


升學建議︰學生完成課程後,可升讀本校文學副學士(日語)或文學副學士 (雙語傳意 )相關課程。

Korean Language and Culture



Business and Management

Start Up Your Own Business



Marketing and Retail


Customer Opinion Survey and Analysis



Economics, Accountancy, Finance and Investment

Practical Banking





Financial Technology



Transport and Logistics

Global Logistics and Maritime Operations



Computer and Information Systems

Mobile App and 3D Animation Developments



Engineering and Technology

Aircraft Engineering & Engineering Services


升學建議︰學生完成課程後,可升讀本校工程副學士、理學副學士 (航空及飛行 ) 或高級文憑相關課程。

Unmanned Aircraft Operation




Sustainable Agriculture



Medical and Health Science

Nutrition and Fitness



Education, Teacher Training and Sports Science

Outdoor Education and Adventure



Fine Arts, Design, Performing Arts and Creative Media

Photography, Graphic Design and Social Media



Microfilm Production



Hotel and Tourism, Recreation, and Leisure

Cultural Tourism and Sustainable Development



Understanding and Navigating Contemporary World



Strong Support from the University of Wollongong, Australia

Upon completion of our Diploma of Applied Education, students can progress to Associate Degree or Higher Diploma programmes at our College or other institutions, and then articulate to our one-year University of Wollongong Bachelor’s Degree programme or to Bachelor’s Degree programmes at various institutions in Hong Kong, with a minimum of four years to complete a university degree. In addition, students can use the abundant resources available at UOW online library.

Student centered teaching and learning approach

Teaching staff of the College are in close contact with industrial and commercial organisations in different industries. Each year, over 300 students participate in extra-curricular activities such as internships, project studies and visits to industrial and commercial organisations. In addition, the students also participate in a wide range of local learning programmes funded by the College including community service, cultural exchange, language training, technical training and student-teacher bonding.

Teaching and Learning Facilities

Our new campus in Tai Wai will be available in 2023. There will be comprehensive teaching and learning facilities which include over 450,000 e-books covering a wide range of subjects, 90,000 e-journals, engineering laboratories, design studios, skills laboratories, computer laboratories, Mac laboratories, language laboratories, dance studios, gymnasiums, music rooms, study areas and much more. In addition to their inspiring and interactive teaching style, our teachers also design the curriculum to suit the needs and profiles of the students.

Progression Paths

Students can articulate to  our sub-degree programmes offered in a great variety. Upon completion of study, students can choose to study one-year top up degree programme  offered by UOW, or  degree programmes offered by UOW College Hong Kong.


Career Prospects

Holders of the DAE are deemed to have passed the equivalent of 5 “Level 2” subjects (including Chinese Language and English Language) in the Hong Kong Diploma Secondary Education (HKDSE), enabling them to enter some civil service positions which include Ambulanceman, Amenities Assistant III, Assistant Census and Survey Officer, Assistant Officer II (Correctional), Customs Officer, Fireman, Police Constable, Postal Officer, Social Security Assistant, Tax Inspector II etc. For those students who have successfully completed the Maths Plus elective course, the Diploma of Applied Education qualification obtained is accepted by the Government as meeting the academic entry requirement of civil service posts requiring Level 2 standard in five subjects including Chinese Language, English Language and Mathematics in the HKDSE Examination. These posts are Assistant Clerical Officer, Assistant Taxation Officer, Assistant Trade Controls Officer, Land Inspector II and Supplies Supervisor II.

Programme Leader Dr. YUEN Louisa Miu Yi

Tel: 2707 3113/2707 3249  

Email: uowchk-fah@uow.edu.au/miu@uow.edu.au

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