UOWCHK students score sparkling results in Japanese scholarships


Students of Japanese programmes at UOW College Hong Kong received a big encouragement to their hard work as they won prestigious awards from the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology (MEXT), and the Society of Japanese Language Education Hong Kong.



In the final selection result of the 2020-2021 MEXT Japanese government scholarships just announced in August following a series of competitive written and interview selection tests, three UOWCHK students have been selected for a one-year scholarship to study in Japan’s renowned national or private universities.



The three UOWCHK winners were from five applicants from the College, with 2 students from Bachelor of Arts (Hon) in Japanese Studies Year-3 (now studying in Year four class); and one is a current-year graduate of Associate of Arts in Japanese Studies.



Due to Covid-19, a one-year extension has been granted to the three students to enable them to go to Japan in September 2021. The MEXT Scholarship covers free passage to and from Japan; monthly allowances (around HK$8500) and free tuition at their selected university. It is worthy to note that between 2000 and 2020, more than 60 UOWCHK graduates have been awarded the one year scholarship to study in Japan.



Apart from the MEXT scholarships, five Year-2 current graduates from the Associate of Arts in Japanese Studies (AAJS) have been awarded the Sub-degree students’ Best Group Project on Japanese studies and Japanese Language Learning Scholarship by the Society of Japanese Language Education Hong Kong. Group project students are awarded a cash contribution HK$5000 and the awardee of Japanese language Learning receives a cash contribution HK$6000.



UOWCHK students who won scholarships from the Ministry of Education and Science and Technology, Japan


Chan Yin Tung Chelsia


Lo Pei Lam Dion


So Shuk Ching Rika