Legal Studies grads get into Degrees


Graduating students from the Associate of Social Science in Legal Studies (ASocScLS) programme have received offers to articulate to some of the most prestigious programmes and institutions in the territory.



Ho Chun Yu (Ezra), who began his study in 2018 and is graduating this summer (2020), has received conditional offers to Bachelor of Social Sciences (senior intake) at the University of Hong Kong and Bachelor of Laws (LLB) (first-year) offer at the City University of Hong Kong. Ezra, a class representative since Year 1, reflected, “The ASocScLS has not only helped us build strong foundation in laws and social science, but also trained our critical thinking and problem-solving skills. I have learnt much in terms of legal procedure and different areas of law. It provides me with a precious chance learning through courses taught by practicing barristers. Their insider’s experience and reflections as legal practitioners have been most useful."



Mohammad Shamsa Bibi, a classmate of Ezra, also receives the offer from LLB at City University of Hong Kong. She happily recollected, “Studying Legal Studies at UOWCHK has enriched my knowledge in the law and social sciences and has laid a solid foundation for my future studies and career development. It has given me an opportunity I would never have had otherwise, and I absolutely enjoyed my two years of study there. Our lecturers were professional, supportive and attentive. They taught us to always have an inquiring mind and remain open to new ideas.” A Pakistani who grew up in Hong Kong, Shamsa speaks both English and Cantonese, and was appointed by the College as a student ambassador when she was in her first year.



Launched just two years ago in 2017, the ASocScLS programme remains a unique sub-degree programme in the territory which combines foundational training in both the laws and social sciences. Apart from law, there have been articulation to senior intakes of social science disciplines encompassing criminology, public policy to Asian studies.


Ho Chun Yu (Ezra)


Shamsa (second from left) with classmates