Set up Webex to join the event online

Join event by copying the link on the browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari) provided in the letter

For MacOS or Windows users viewing the event in front of the computers


Step 1

Copy the link provided in the letter on the browser and enter your name and email address.

Step 2

Enter your email address again in your “confirm email address” and click submit

Step 3

Press the button “Join Event”.

For iOS or Android users viewing the event using mobiles


Step 1

Download “Cisco Webex Meetings” from Google Play Store or App Store.

Below is the App store from ios user screen

Below is the Google Play Store from Andriod user screen

Step 2:

Click on the link and press the “Join” button.

Step 3:

Fill in your email address.

Step 4:

Fill in your name and email address again.

Step 5:

Press the green button “Join” to join the event online.